0 - 6 months

Multifunctional Baby Crib

Meet FOLDO bebe, the lightest, versatile, most practical, eco friendly and the less expensive swinging crib in the world.

In Cardboard We Trust

Eco Materials. Handcrafted. Zero Compromises.

Cardboard Beam

Ultra strong cardboard beam for your baby’s safety. Holds up to 80 kg.

No Swinging

Sometimes, you need to swing your little baby, other times you don’t. Lower the “safety breaks” for full stabilization.


Move the crib around with ease, even with your baby inside.

Durable Crib Sides

Made of strong cardboard, the sides of the bed are waterproof, eco-printed and keep the construction solid.

Ventilated Holes

Every mattress needs to breath for maximum comfort.

Ultra portable solution

Ready for travel in less than 1 minute.

Built from only  5 pieces of strong cardboard, you can assemble this crib with your eyes closed. That means you are ready to travel around the world.

Your little baby will feel at home anywhere you go and the transport box will fit in any trunk, no matter the size of the car.

There are a lot of weights to carry as a parent, but this crib is not the case. FOLDO bebe weights only 3 kg.

Safety and Design

Built By Parents

Talking and listening to parents all over the world, keeping in mind that safety and design have to be perfectly balanced, we designed it to be the perfect crib.

That’s why, FOLDO bebe has been tested to European Safety Standards so you can rest assured that we are deliver the absolute best in safety and quality.



Exterior Width: 80 cm | 31.49 inch
Interior Width: 35 cm | 13.77 inch


Exterior Length: 85 cm | 33.46 inch
Interior Length: 73 cm | 28.74 inch


Exterior Height: 60 cm | 23.62 inch
Interior Height: 28 cm | 11.02 inch


Without Mattress: 3 kg | 6.61 lbs
With Mattress: ~4 kg | ~8.81 lbs


Up to : 80 kg | 176.36 lbs


Maximum 6 Months
Baby Height – Maximum 73 cm | 28.74 inch

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